The costs of streaming are bankrupting companies in their quest to dominate the new delivery medium. Streaming is slated to dominate the content and transaction equation of success, but if streaming's costs and data fungibility are critical detriments to profitability, it is a path few will be able survive.

NFT is making Internet video Scale for mass audiences

Our Technology


Unlike any video producer to consumer point-to-point solution, NiFTy scales.

Software-only Solution

The NFT Node Engine and Viewer can be directly downloaded from a broadcaster's site and begin to immediately participate in any event on the NFT Application Multicast network.

Application Layer

A purely application layer solution requires no kernel patches, root-kits, or drivers to be installed on a computer, tablet, smart phone or home network router.

Virtual network capacity expands with demand

Because NiFTy viewer's nodes (anonymously) share what they are watching with their network neighbors that are watching the same thing, as the number of viewers expands, the number of viewers that can watch simultaneously also expands.


The NiFTy IP portfolio fully envision scenarios where the NFT technology is embedded within a (for example) Settop Box or Smart TV. Multiple NiFTy Nodes can be run in parallel to allow household participation in multiple broadcasts simultaneously.

Cross Platform C++ implementation

As new client devices emerge, new form factors are brought to market, and broadcaster end delivery platform preferences change, NiFTy's technology will be able to be rapidly adapted to those new requirements by taking advantage of its implementation in the nearly universally available C++ language.

Rock solid IP (Patents)

Disclosed in detail below, Network Foundation Technologies, LLC, has been diligent over the course of its life in securing and continuing to enhance it's core IP position which has been referenced in patent applications by many technology innovators including Sony, nVidia, Google, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Yamaha and NEC.

IP (Patent) Protection

Fourteen US Patents issued (#7,536,472, #8,219,659, #7,664,840, #7,512,676, #8,873,432, #7,818,407, #7,925,726, #7,035,933, #7,895,324, #7,543,074, #8,266,318, #7,843,855, #8,892,770, #8,103,750). Two EU patents issued. Two CAN patents agreed to issue and additional provisional patent applications being prepared.

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