EPlusTV 6

EPlusTV6 in Jackson, Tennessee and NiFTyTV are proud to bring you a 24/7 LIVE broadcast of the EPlusTV6 channel feed. For the latest channel program information, please visit the EPlusTV6 site.

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Player Preview

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  1. Download the EPlusTV6_.exe file.
  2. When prompted by your browser as to whether you want to run or save this file, select run.
  3. The EPlusTV6 application will be placed on your desktop and will launch automatically.
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts to register the EPlusTV6 application.
  5. Once registered, click the Channels button on the EPlusTV6 application and select the channel you wish to watch.
  6. That's it! The EPlusTV6 application will connect to the video feed from the channel you have chosen.

For more help, visit the NiFTy support page.

System Requirements

The EPlusTV 6 application requires a high speed (DSL / Cable Modem) Internet connection and a computer running the Windows operating system with Windows Media 9 or above.

NOTE: As the EPlusTV 6 application must access the Internet in order to transmit and receive audio and video data, please grant the app such access if you receive a notice from your firewall program. Failure to grant the app access to the Internet can result in the program being unable to tune to a channel and display video.